How It All Started 

Dream Design Build

In 1869, A.I. Root was a skilled jewelry craftsman and entrepreneur situated on the historic town square of Medina. During this period, he made a bet with one of his employees to collect a swarm of bees outside his second-story window, offering a day’s wages for successful efforts. Root’s intrigue with beekeeping eventually led him into the candle industry. His relentless pursuit of knowledge from across the country and the globe propelled him to prominence. The A.I. Root Company played a pivotal role in Medina’s growth, shaping the town into a hub of innovation, quality, hard work, and Christian values.

In 2006, Root’s great-great-grandson, Robert Root (Rob), founded Renovation Homes, Inc., a family-owned company recognized for its innovative ideas, aesthetic enhancements, and uncompromising quality. Today, this legacy continues under the name Landmark Homes.

At Landmark Homes, we uphold the trust bestowed upon us by our clients, echoing the principles set forth by A.I. Root many years ago. We are dedicated to fostering personal relationships with each client, guiding them from the initial design phase to the final walkthrough. Our goal is to understand you and your family, helping transform your dreams into reality. Let us handle the typical worries associated with home construction, allowing you to savor the process fully. Join us in the journey of dreaming, designing, and building the perfect home for you and your family

Photos of A.I. Root (great great grandfather) and some of his history changing inventions are gathered from public record.