Dedication To Design 

“In-House” Truly Custom Design

If you have always dreamed of a home that is unique, not like every other home on the block, welcome to the majority. If you assume that “Truly Custom” design is not affordable or out of reach for the “average” family, again you are in the majority. At Landmark Homes we are not the Majority. A combination of experience and excellence in design allows us to design the home of your dreams and build it to your budget. You can and will have the best of both at Landmark Homes.

We offer and take pride in our full-time professional home designers with a reputation of excellence in design. In fact, Tim Pelton designs were voted the Best of the Best in medina county for 5 years in a row. His knowledge and experience in the industry gives every Landmark Home an unmistakable signature of Quality, Design and Nostalgia, as well as the piece of mind that come from inherent structural integrity. Our designer’s formal education from the prestigious architectural school at the university of Cincinnati allows Landmark Homes to truly “Custom Design” your home to your lifestyle.

“We have a very strong portfolio of homes following the trends in our market, as well as the national market. This allows us to offer homes that are highly unique and, at the same time, very sensitive to our client’s budget considerations. Having in-house design services gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to designing a home that meets both the lifestyle and architectural qualities desired by our clients, and the budget framework of each client. Our goal is to produce unique homes of the highest quality and at a consistent and competitive value level.